Effect of Service Quality, Price and Promotion on Customer Satisfaction at PT. Mestika Power

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Demak Claudia Yosephine Simanjuntak
Ichsan Farabi Sirait
Ivana Nathania
Petrick Haristio


Researchers took the object of research at PT. Mestika Sakti, due to a decrease in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a stimulus for customers to rate a product or service after using it. Quality of service, price and promotion is one of the causes of decreased customer satisfaction. The research approach used is a quantitative approach. The type of research used in this research is descriptive quantitative. In accordance with the research objectives, the nature of this research is descriptive explanatory. The population used is the company's customers as many as 124 people and the sample of this study amounted to 95 people obtained from the Slovin formula. used to test the validity and reliability are as many as 30 customers at the same company. The results of linear regression analysis show Customer Satisfaction = 10,730 + 0.173 Service Quality + 0.177 Price + 0.279 Promotion. The results showed that partially service quality, price and promotion had a significant influence on customer satisfaction at PT. Mustika Sakti. The results of the study simultaneously obtained that service quality and promotion had a significant effect on customer satisfaction, while price had no significant effect on customer satisfaction. The value of Adjusted R Square is 0.367 which means that it implies that the influence of the independent variable on the dependent variable is 36.7% and the remaining % is the influence of other independent variables.

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